Griffs Give Back

GriffsGiveBack, a SGA-funded program, was officially recognized by the university in December of 2016. Since then, students, administrators, staff and faculty have all come together to grow the program as a service for both individuals at MWSU and for those in need on campus and in the St. Joseph community.

Our mission is to inspire a spirit of volunteerism in every student, employee, and alumni at Missouri Western State University by 1) connecting each group with opportunities to give back to the community, on and off campus and 2) providing volunteers with opportunities to reflect on their service experience.

Our philosophy is simply “Provide people with opportunities to give back in meaningful ways and encourage them to take part.” An important foundation of our philosophy is communication with those we serve. If you have any ideas for projects or causes you’d like to be a part of, or you’d like to help GGB in other ways, contact us.



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