Griffon Edge


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was I assigned to a particular group?
Keep in mind that nearly 1000 students enroll in Griffon Edge each fall. Our staff has taken the time to carefully place students into each group based on their area of study. Your major is determined by what the Admissions Staff has on file when you register for classes. Due to the high capacity of students, a group change may not be available if you decide to change your major before Griffon Edge. If you have further concerns, please contact the Admissions Office at 816-271-4266.
2. Who are the Griffon Edge group leaders?
Your Griffon Edge group will be led by a trained student leader, who was once a brand new Griffon just like you!

3. I am living on campus. Will I be able to move in early?
Yes, students who are enrolled in Griffon Edge get to move into their residence halls the day before orientation begins!

4. Griffon Edge is organized through the university website. Can I complete the course if I don't own a computer?
Yes, the university provides computer labs and free time for you to complete the assignments during Griffon Edge Orientation.

5. Will I need special clothing, supplies, or equipment to complete Griffon Edge?
The Service Day Project may require you to wear work clothes and closed toe shoes depending on your service activity. Also, be prepared to bring regular school supplies (pen, paper, etc.) for note taking at lectures and discussions.

6. Can I use my own email address for Griffon Edge?
No, you must use the university email system for this course and with all other courses at MWSU.. You will have opportunities to learn more about using your university email account during Griffon Edge.

7. Do I need to attend all of the Griffon Edge Activities?
CED 131 Griffon Edge Orientation is a course worth 1 credit hour and counts toward graduation as an elective. Your attendance is vital for a passing grade! Daily attendance at activities, laboratories, assignments, and other sessions will be recorded, and there will be tests and quizzes just like any other class. Optional night activities will be clearly identified so that students can plan their schedules.

8. Is Griffon Edge fun?
Absolutely! Happy students learn better! Be prepared to contribute to the discussions and enjoy yourself. College is fun, and Missouri Western is a great place to be!