Griffon Edge



Welcome Rallyresize_thumb
As part of your welcome to Griffon Edge, you will be introduced to your Griffon Edge Mentors (GEMs) and meet the members of your Color Team!

Welcome & Job Fair
Meet over 80 student organizations, 18 academic departments, and countless student service offices that Missouri Western has to offer, as well as off-campus and on-campus employers who have jobs to offer. You will have the opportunity to chat with each booth and get involved from the beginning!

Griffon Game Night with Student Organizations
Come chat with student organizations at our Griffon Game Night! Current students will be playing various lawn, board, and video games while introducing you to their organizations. Learn the benefits of getting involved on campus while enjoying a casual game night.

Dance Party
We close down the parking lot and bring in a DJ for a dance party from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet new students outside of your group!


Game of Griffon Life
You will learn about setting goals and the importance of time management in this game about your first year at Missouri Western!

Service Project – Griffs Give Back


Students will participate in a community service project. All of these projects will benefit the Saint Joseph or Missouri Western State University community and provide an opportunity to connect to various service organizations. Please remember to bring appropriate clothing for a potential outdoor/messy project.


Schedule Crawl
Students will be led around campus and will be shown where each of their classes will be held. This will be your
first experience navigating around the campus. Don’t forget to bring your SCHEDULE!


Operation: Glow Party
This extreme paint party is all inclusive with a DJ, concert sound, lasers and lighting, glow bubbles, confetti, foam, fog and 75 gallons of UV paint. Come ready for an amazing memory and a shower of neon paint! Click here for more info


New Student Convocation
This is your official academic welcome to Missouri Western, and you will have the opportunity to see the faculty and staff support for your future Griffon experience. You will be introduced to the President, Provost, Deans, and student leaders. You will also learn about the quality of the programs offered at Missouri Western.

Class of Freedom Candlelighting Ceremony
The final event of Griffon Edge is a candlelight ceremony around the Clock Tower.