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by Dr. Christopher Bond9781465295729

Hashtags and Social Media Have a Powerful Influence…

“Hashtag: How One Symbol Revolutionized and Terrorized Social Media” examines how social media can change society in both positive and negative ways.  “Hashtag examines the entire gamut of social media, from the history of both the hashtag and social media, to current users, to the future of social media and hashtags.

Consisting of 14 chapters and created for college students, professionals, and laypersons, “Hashtag: How One Symbol Revolutionized and Terrorized Social Media”:

  • Presents both the negative and positive attributes of hashtags and social media by detailing examples and cases of both social media terrorism and social media advocacy that are created and maintained by the co-orientation of both social media and the hashtag.  
  • Provide numerous examples and personal interviews from individual and corporate representatives.  
  • Discusses professional and ethical use of social media and hashtags within the workplace including job interviews. 
  • Examines hashtags in emergency response (crisis) situations and provides an overview of the many other uses of hashtags including current marketing strategies, sporting events and television fandom. 

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