Incentive Application Form


  • Increase the number and quality of grant proposals
  • Incentivize faculty and disciplines who are not already engaged in grant seeking


  • All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply
  • Faculty can participate in the incentive program once every two years
  • Grants/Contracts must be consistent with MWSU’s mission
  • Grants/Contracts must request at least $25,000 per year
  • Grants/Contracts must provide net financial or material benefit to Missouri Western
  • Grants/Contracts must be competitive (For example, contracts offered by a local agency because of existing relationships will not be eligible)
  • Renewals/Extensions are not eligible
  • Resubmissions of declined proposals are generally not eligible without extenuating circumstances
  • Faculty already receiving reassigned time or stipends for similar activities from another source are not eligible
  • This program is competitive and priority will be given to faculty in programs/areas where funding is available but has not been routinely applied for


  1. The faculty member interested in participating in the program will submit a pre-proposal using the grants web page and notify the Grants Director of his/her desire to apply for the incentive.
  2. The office of Grants and Sponsored Programs will determine if the pre-proposal meets the basic standard for participation in the incentive program
  3. If the faculty member is selected by Grants and Sponsored Programs to participate in the incentive program, the incentive form must be completed and approved by the faculty member, chair, and dean
  4. Approved faculty will receive up to 3 load hours for the academic year in which the pre-proposal is submitted or a monetary incentive of up to $2,500 (As determined in consultation with the department chair and applicant)
  5. Faculty are required to complete a full proposal (approved by Grants and Sponsored Programs) and submit it to the funding organization
  6. Completion and submission of a quality full proposal to the funding organization shall be considered a regular part of the faculty member’s employment, and shall be documented in the annual evaluation(s) by the faculty member, chair, dean, and provost.


  • Applications do not have a set deadline, however, the program is competitive and only one or two incentives will be given each fiscal year. Grants and Sponsored Programs expects to consider proposals a couple of times each semester. Please work with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs to ensure your request has the best chance of being funded.
  • Grant/contract proposals must be submitted on time to the funding organization as planned.
  • The FINAL proposal must be submitted to Grants and Sponsored Programs at least 7 days before the organization’s deadline. Faculty are strongly encouraged to have their proposals finished well in advance of this deadline in case there are revisions that are required.


  • The purpose of the incentive program is to provide faculty with time and motivation to produce quality grant proposals. Thus, overload, additional employment, and demonstrated ability to create a quality proposals will be taken into account.
  • The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs has the right to suggest revisions to any and all proposals before they are submitted. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to produce a proposal that has a fair chance of being funded and represents the best efforts of the faculty member and serves the University. Faculty are encouraged to communicate with the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs throughout the process to ensure the application is written effectively and submitted in a timely fashion.

General Information

  • MWSU has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service
  • MWSU’s Federally Negotiated F & A rate = 41% of Salaries and Wages, only
  • MWSU participates in E-Verify
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