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CAREER: Validating and applying a new class of drift-diffusion models for investigating individual differences in executive control

Awarded 2021 by National Science Foundation.  Awarded to Corey White.  Total Award: $566,128

Missouri SealEnhancing Education and Creating a Pipeline for the Future of Nursing in Northwest Missouri through Increased Simulation Lab Utilization

Awarded 2021 by Nursing Education Incentive Program Grant.  Awarded to Jacklyn Gentry.  Total Award: $120,700

USDA logoMobile Job Center Project

Awarded 2019 by USDA Grant – STEM Outreach & Training.  Awarded to Mike Ducey.  Total Award: $82,000

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Show Me Literacies Collaborative in Missouri’s Comprehensive Literacy State Development program.

Awarded 2021 by National Writing Project to Prairie Lands Writing Project.  Awarded to Susan Martens.  Total Award: $50,000