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Allocation Procedure

Application Procedure

For 2014-2015 academic year, the Graduate School will fund the tuition portion of up to several new graduate assistantships (up to 9 hours of in‐state tuition per semester each). The purpose of these assistantships is to aid in the recruiting of high quality students.

  • Students must be accepted for Fall 2014 admission or continuing graduate students for 2014-2015. Preference may be given to new students.
  • Students must be degree‐seeking in a Master’s (not certificate) program.
  • Preference will be given to stipends paid by a non‐graduate school source (e.g., adjunct salary, IMC, Center for Academic Support).
  • Awards may continue for a second year if the graduate student performs his/her duties satisfactorily, funding continues, and if the student is recommended for continuance by his/her supervisor. Under no circumstances will students receive assistantship funds for more than two years. Funds can not be used to retake classes or to take undergraduate courses. Students on probation can not receive assistantship funds.
  • Students who require an out-of-state waiver (including international students) can be awarded an assistantship, however, they will count as two awards if the department elects to offer them both an out-of-state waiver and a tuition scholarship (and will be ranked accordingly).

Awarding Process

  • These assistantships will be awarded on a competitive basis without quotas for programs.
  • Applications will be considered beginning April 15, 2013. Applications will be accepted until July 1, 2013 or funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Once funds are expended, there will be no more assistantships available for the fiscal year. These assistantships are intended for excellent students who apply early as an incentive to get them to attend Missouri Western.
  • A graduate program or University unit may request a position without indicating a specific student at the time of application deadline. However, preference will be given to applications that have identified a specific student. All GA assignments must be finalized and approved by the Graduate Dean by July 1, 2013, or the GA award will be withdrawn.
  • Applications must be submitted by the Missouri Western employee who will supervise the GA.
  • For Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA’s) requests a Graduate Assistant Application must be submitted to the Graduate Office. A Graduate Teaching Assistant Approval form must also be submitted for approval by the department Chair, appropriate College or School Dean, the Graduate Dean and the Provost. If the graduate student has not been employed as an instructor at MWSU, a New Adjunct Faculty Hiring Approval form must also be submitted as for any new adjunct instructor.
  • International students may be allowed to serve as graduate assistants or graduate teaching assistants.
  • International students receiving state support for tuition from their home country may not receive an assistantship for tuition.

GA positions are not awarded to a faculty member or program on a permanent basis – they are awarded to specific students for specific tasks. There are no guarantees of another GA being awarded to a faculty member or program based on prior awards.


GA positions funded by graduate studies will be for a maximum of $7,000 per year plus a maximum of 9 hours per semester of tuition remission. Note that these are negotiated, and many students receive a smaller stipend or less tuition.

Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the student has completed all necessary paperwork in HR, and ensuring that the MOA or adjunct faculty paperwork are completed correctly and in a timely manner. Supervisors must report on the progress of each GA to the Graduate Dean at the end of each semester.

Reporting Requirements

Supervisors must provide the Graduate Dean with a summary of work accomplished and an evaluation of the GA at the end of each semester – including specific accomplishments. GAs will not be eligible for continued employment or tuition assistance if this evaluation is not received at least 14 days before the start of the next semester.

For continuing GAs, the supervisor must also confirm that the student is continuing in the program, and has met the GPA requirements.

Length of Award

Once awarded to an individual student, GA positions may be continued for 4 semesters if the student makes satisfactory progress, meets all requirements, the funding source continues, and the supervisor completes all necessary reports in a timely manner.

Graduate Teaching Assistants, because they are on each semester’s workload report, need to be renewed each semester.

Pay Schedule

Graduate Assistant pay schedules may vary, however, the majority are paid on the monthly student cycle (20th of each month in Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Feb., Mar., Apr., May). Graduate Teaching Assistants are paid on the last working day of the month similarly to adjunct instructors.

Special Teaching Assistant Requirements

Missouri Western is committed to teaching courses using faculty members. We realize, however, that under some circumstances a graduate student can be an effective teacher and also enhance their graduate school experience through teaching. In order for a department chair to assign a course to a graduate student, the TA Position Approval Form must be completed. Additional funds from the part-time/overload budget will not be allocated for TAs, however, the part-time/overload budget can be used where a TA will be replacing another adjunct faculty member.

The amount of the tuition scholarship awarded to TAs will vary depending on the number of credits the TA is teaching. Scholarships are competitive and limited.

  • In order to comply with Missouri Statute 170.012 international students whose primary language is not English may not receive a graduate teaching assistantship during their first semester. International students must comply with all facets of 170.012 in order to receive a graduate teaching assistantship.
Request Form

GA Request Form

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