Graduate School

Admissions Process

The graduate admissions process is different from the undergraduate process, and is sometimes confusing to students. This is a brief summary of the process to help.

1. All students (Degree Seeking, Non-Degree Seeking, or Provisional) complete an application for admission to the Graduate School at the admissions web site

  • Admissions does not notify departments until your application is complete. Therefore it is important to have your official transcripts, GRE Scores, and application fee sent as soon as possible.
  • Official transcripts are required for ALL institutions you attended as an undergraduate. If you had any transfer hours (including dual-credit courses) you will need to request a transcript from each institution.
  • Please see Admissions Deadline for information on deadlines

2. If you are a Degree Seeking Applicant you must also complete the necessary applications for the specific program you are applying to. Please check with your specific program for deadlines, minimum requirements, etc.

  • Departmental applications should be sent directly to the department contact

3. Applications for Scholarships or Graduate Assistantships should be completed separately.

Please stay in touch with both the department representative and the admissions office during the entire process to ensure a smooth experience.

Applicant Categories

Different categories of graduate students have different requirements for admission. Please see the relevant sections:

Foreign Students

If you are a foreign national, please see the information on International Students.