Graduate School

3 Minute Thesis Video Upload

How to submit your preliminary video:

You may record a sample video using a variety of different programs and apps on your computer, tablet or phone. The simplest way to send the 3MT competition your sample video will be to use your MWSU Google Drive. Create a Folder in your Google Drive and name it appropriately (Ex: 3MT video – “Your Full Name”). Then upload your video from your phone, tablet or computer to this folder. You do not need to send the actual video itself (some video files may be too large to send through email).

Two ways to submit your video:
A: Sharing a link to your video:
  • Select your video file (usually a right mouse click) and then select “Share Link” or “Get Shareable Link” (depending on your device).
  • This will copy the link (as you can see the message “link copied to the clipboard”)
  • Paste the copied link into an email and send the message to
  • Use “3MT video sample – “Your Full Name”” in the subject line. This should allow us access to your sample video. If we cannot view the video we will contact you.
B: Adding people to view your video:
  • Alternatively, you can share the Google folder to allow access to your sample video. Depending on the device you are using (phone, tablet or computer) select the folder (usually a right mouse click) and choose “Add People” or “Share with others”.
  • Then add to allow access to the folder.

For more details on how to share files from Google drive, please click here .