Exchange Program: Jiaxing University, China

Zheijiang, People’s Republic of China

When you participate in the exchange program with Jiaxing University you will pay tuition and fees to them. In exchange, you will be enrolled in the equivalent of twelve (12) credit hours of course work at Jiaxing University as an undergraduate. Graduate students will be enrolled in the equivalent of nine (9) credit hours of coursework.

All other costs of attending the Jiaxing University, including travel, housing and meals are your responsibility.

Once accepted into the program you will be eligible to receive assistance in locating housing from the Jiaxing University.

(text adapted from the university website)

When you visit us from the Jiaxing University you will pay tuition, fees, room and board to Missouri Western. In exchange, you will:

  • Be enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours of course work at Missouri Western.
  • You will be placed in one of the residence halls during the regular semester

You will be required to purchase health insurance from Missouri Western’s contracted provider.

All other costs of attending Missouri Western, including travel, subject and discipline-specific course fees, will be your responsibility.

Application Process:

Only students who are enrolled full-time at their home universities are eligible to attend Missouri Western as exchange students.

All potential exchange students undergo the same application process.

First, please visit the web site of Missouri Western’s Admissions Office to create an online account. Once you have created your account, you must complete the online application for admission to Missouri Western. Be sure to indicate that you wish to attend Missouri Western as an exchange student and identify your home university.

Once the application form is submitted, you will be prompted to download, print, and complete a Supplemental Exchange Student Application Form. It is vital that you read this document carefully and completely, and submit all of the documents that it describes by the required deadline.

Application deadlines:

  • October 15 for spring semester
  • May 15 for fall semester

All exchange students are required to purchase Missouri Western’s contracted health insurance.

Helpful Links:

  • Please let us know if you are interested in participating in a global opportunity, such as teaching in one of our Exchange Programs. We want to help you take advantage of one of our existing programs, or help develop new ones.