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Member Spotlight: Terry Turner '84

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2 July 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Member Spotlight: Terry Turner ’84

Terry Turner ’84 supports Missouri Western’s arts program by being a member of the Arts Society at the Beethoven Level ($500-999). The St. Joseph native graduated from Missouri Western with a bachelor of science degree in data processing. He retired from Starbucks in 2017 and currently is an HRIS Administrator for McKinstry Company, a construction engineering company in Seattle.

Terry Turner with his sisters, Mary Lynn Bellitteri and Lou Ann Adams ’83.

“Support for the arts in any form is important,” Terry said. “I give to Missouri Western as a form of a thank you, but also to keep the great programs and education going.”

When it was time to enroll in college, Terry said he chose Missouri Western because it had a good reputation for his major and he got a partial scholarship. He fondly remember Susan Hinrichs, who taught COBOL programming.

“My best memory is that for any programming classes you had to reserve time on the mainframe that filled a room but probably had less memory than an iPhone,” Terry said. “With that, your code was printed out on punch cards, so you had to take a big stack of them to the window for submission and you better not drop them (although they were numbered).”

After he graduated, he says he took a “varied path” of careers and locations before landing at Starbucks. He started out waiting tables, then worked in customer service for a flooring distributor. He was a sales and service representative for a flooring and ceiling manufacturer for about three years when he took a corporate job as a compensation analyst. And for about the past 20 years, he has been a functional/systems analyst, among other positions, in human resource systems. He moved to Seattle in 2002.

His journey that led to the West Coast began as he stepped on campus 30-some years ago.

“I want to give back what I can to pay back for the success I have had,” Terry said.


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