Finish in Four

Earn your degree in 4 years

Did you know the average student takes 5-6 years to complete an undergraduate degree? At Missouri Western, we want to help you achieve your dreams sooner than that. It’s why we have developed the Finish in 4 program – to help you complete your degree on time.

120 hours/4 years = 30 hours/year = 15 hours/semester


Designed to help students graduate in four years, first-year students:

  1. Sign an agreement to participate. There is no penalty for withdrawing from the program.
  2. Meet with their academic advisor to develop a four-year plan.
  3. Make a commitment to follow the academic plan and meet the requirements of the program to make sure they are on track.

Eligible Programs

Meet with your advisor to discuss Finish in 4 or email or stop by Eder Hall 209 to visit with an advisor.

Students who participate …

Are more likely to graduate
Freshmen are 3 times more likely to graduate than those taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester. Transfer students are 7 times more likely to graduate.

Get better grades
Grade-point averages for freshmen are .67 points higher, and transfers are .34 points higher.

Are more satisfied
Studies show that students who take more credit hours report spending more time on campus, making more connections and overall having higher satisfaction.

MWSU student receives her diploma

When you decide to Finish in 4, you get:

  • A clear four-year plan that serves as a roadmap to success
  • Special recognition at graduation (pin, designation in program, etc.)
  • Reduced costs/debt load
  • Begin career or graduate/professional program earlier

It usually comes down to lack of planning, taking too few credit hours or not completing the right credit hours. The Finish in 4 program helps you and your advisor map a plan for successful completion of your degree in four years.

When you complete your degree in four years, you save time, save money and get a head start on your career. Plus statistics show that students who Finish in 4 earn better grades.

Students graduating in four years instead of six can save over $20,000 in college-related expenses (tuition and living expenses).  If you borrow over four years instead of six, you will have less debt. This also means lower monthly tuition loan payments.

First-time freshmen who meet college-level readiness standards in reading, writing and math through ACT/SAT scores or placement tests are eligible. Participants must also:

  • Identify a major during the first semester of attendance
  • Sign up for Finish in 4 with your academic advisor
  • Meet all the requirements of the Finish in 4 program

Continuing or returning students who qualify at a later date can submit a request to the Director of Student Success & Academic Advising Center to determine eligibility.

Save time, save money, and get a head start on your career.

Save on tuition/fees

Students graduating in four years instead of six can save over $20,000 in college-related expenses. (tuition and living expenses)

Have less debt

Students who borrow over four years instead of six have less debt. This also means lower monthly tuition loan payments.

Earn more

Four-year graduates start their careers sooner, and earn an average of $100,000 more in their lifetimes than graduates who finish in six. (Based on median annual salary for 2017 college graduates.)