• Lengthy hospitalization or illness
  • Death of a parent, spouse or child at a critical time during the semester
  • Lengthy illness of a child or spouse
  • Other mitigating circumstance
  • A complete Statement in Support of Appeal (link below) which includes an explanation describing how extenuating circumstances resulted in your inability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

If you have laid out of college for 2 years or more include an explanation as to what you have been doing since attending school, i.e. working, caring for family, addressing a medical situation, etc. If you were previously placed on an academic plan and have lost eligibility due to a violation of that plan, you should address the circumstances that resulted in your inability to abide by the conditions of the established plan.

  • An explanation of what has changed that will allow you to maintain satisfactory academic progress in the future.

Supporting documentation is helpful to show how your circumstances may have changed and also demonstrate your efforts to be a successful student.

  • A statement of your educational goals (intended major and/or minor).
  • Sufficient documented and dated evidence supporting the extenuating circumstance(s) included in your explanation and/or verifying what you have been doing since you last attended college.

Your appeal WILL NOT be considered unless all required documentation is provided.

Circumstance Supporting Documentation
Death Obituary, death certificate, funeral program
Medical situation Medical diagnosis, statement or verification from doctor or hospital, proof of medication, accident report, birth certificate
Legal issues Court documentation, police report
Course complications Emails to/from instructors
Job complications Letter from employer, work schedule, pay stubs
Housing issues Eviction notice, lease agreement, utility bills
Natural or personal disaster Police report, newspaper article, insurance claim
Absence from college for 2 years of more Letter from employer or other agencies verifying dates of service, pay stubs, resume, medical documentation, childcare documentation, birth certificate(s)
  • Do not include internet links as documentation.
  • Your documentation should reflect dates that coincide with the semester(s) you did not perform well academically.
  • Submitting a transcript alone is not considered sufficient documentation.
  • If you were on a previous SAP contract and did not meet the conditions (earned a D, F or withdrew) explain why and provide supporting documentation if applicable.
  • Include more documentation instead of less.
  • The reviewing committee will not have the means to contact outside sources you reference or make other contacts on your behalf.
Term Effective Appeal Deadline Committee Review Date
Spring Deadline January 3, 2020 by 4:30 p.m. January 8, 2020

NOTE: Incoming transfer students may continue to appeal after the deadline above. Appeals will be reviewed on a weekly basis through mid-term each semester.