Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

You may submit a written appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee if documentable extenuating circumstances caused you to fall below satisfactory academic progress standards or exceed the maximum timeframe allowed for degree completion.

Students who are approaching the maximum timeframe should also appeal to determine if it is mathematically possible to complete degree requirements within the timeframe allowed by federal regulation.

For additional information, please refer to Missouri Western's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Examples of circumstances that may warrant an appeal include: lengthy hospitalization or illness; death of a parent, spouse or child at a critical time during the semester; lengthy illness of a child or spouse; or other mitigating circumstance.

Appeals MUST include the following documentation:

  1. A complete Statement in Support of Appeal (link below) which will include an explanation describing how extenuating circumstances resulted in your inability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

    IMPORTANT: If you were previously placed on an academic plan and have lost eligibility due to a violation of that plan, you should address the circumstances that resulted in your inability to abide by the conditions of the established plan.

  2. An explanation of what has changed that will allow you to maintain satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation.
  3. Sufficient documented evidence that the extenuating circumstance clearly caused you to fall below the required standards or exceed the maximum timeframe. Your appeal WILL NOT be considered without supporting documentation.
  4. A statement of your educational goals (intended major/minor).

Examples of documentation supporting the extenuating circumstance include: medical documentation; notice of death; accident reports; court documentation; or other relevant documentation.

Your appeal WILL NOT be considered unless all required documentation is provided.

Appeal Deadline
NOTE: Incoming transfer students may continue to appeal after the deadline above. Appeals will be reviewed on a weekly basis through mid-term each semester.
Please complete the Statement in Support of Appeal by selecting the link below. Once complete, a signed copy of your written appeal, along with required supporting documentation MUST be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the address below no later than the published deadline date.

Missouri Western State University
Financial Aid Office
Eder Hall, Room 103
4525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, Mo 64507
Fax: (816) 271-5879

WARNING: This process does not allow you to access your appeal information once it is submitted. It is recommended that you complete your appeal in Microsoft Word (or similar program) and then copy/paste your statement of appeal into the online form. Once you have submitted your appeal, you will be required to print and sign the document.  

Term Effective Appeal Deadline Committee Review Date
Spring 2018 Semester - Deadline January 4, 2018 by 4:30 p.m. January 10, 2018

Statement in Support of Appeal

Appeal Form