Financial Aid

Financial Aid Advance to Purchase Books and Supplies

If a student is scheduled to receive more financial assistance than his or her current charges, Missouri Western will notify the campus bookstore of the student’s eligibility to apply up to $750 of pending financial assistance to purchase required books and supplies. The bookstore is located in the Blum Student Union.

Eligible students will receive an email notification and instructions 10 days prior to the first day of classes each semester. Students who do not elect to receive electronic communication from Missouri Western should contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Students who purchase books and supplies through this program must authorize the campus bookstore to submit the actual value of his or her purchases to Missouri Western State University to be deducted from pending financial aid, regardless of its source. Only the amount of actual purchases will be deducted from the student’s pending financial aid. Any additional funds will be issued to the student in the form of a credit balance refund.

Should the student’s financial aid be reduced for any reason the student’s account must be paid within thirty (30) days. Students who default on their account, will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, other costs and charges necessary for the collection of the unpaid balance.

If a student needs to return books or supplies purchased through this program, the items must be returned to the campus bookstore. The bookstore will forward the return amount to Missouri Western State University and the student’s account will be credited. All refunds will be issued within two weeks.

Only textbooks and school supplies may be purchased. Clothing, emblematic gifts and convenience items may not be purchased.

To participate in the program, students must present a valid Missouri Western student ID card at the time of purchase. Student may elect to opt out simply by not presenting his or her ID at the campus bookstore.