Missouri Western and Mobalytics, an analytics-based gaming companion, are launching a partnership to improve the university’s growing esports program.

Since winning Techcrunch 2016, Mobalytics has emerged as a leading force in advancing player development and scouting for major titles like League of Legends.

Missouri Western, which launched its varsity esports lineup in Fall 2020, will be utilizing Mobalytics to help their rosters optimize their performance and growth.

“Our team has been impressed by Missouri Western’s program thus far and we can’t wait to help their players and coaches continue to build upon their momentum. We’ve learned a lot from working with professional teams and we’re looking forward to applying our understanding at the collegiate level. Our main goals are to not only help their current rosters grow, but also aid their scouts in discovering the next wave of promising recruits,” said Amine Issa, Warchief of Science, and co-founder of Mobalytics.

We are beyond excited to be working with Mobalytics to help establish the foundation of our competitive program using their data collection and analysis tools. Everyone in the community knows their name and the value they provide to competitors at every level, and being able to incorporate their analytics into our training is going to give us a palpable edge. The League team, and particularly their coach, positively lit up when I told them about this, already eager to get started!

Beyond aiding Missouri Western with their performance, Mobalytics will also be collaborating with their program to produce new content, such as stats and infographics based on the players and the LoL champions they use in-game.