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Online Skills:

It’s increasingly important for younger generations to learn and practice proper online behavior, particularly when it comes to competing in virtual spaces. Griffon Esports takes a very no-nonsense approach when it comes to disruptive or toxic behavior within our community.

Physical Skills:

Physical health is paramount to competitive success, we all play better when we feel better!. Campers will spend time exercising and learning the basics of maintaining their wellbeing while staying competitive.

Gaming Skills:

Campers will also be able to work with players and staff from the Griffon Esports varsity team, who will analyze gameplay and provide one-on-one assistance and coaching.

Communication Skills:

One of the largest indicators of success in and out of video games is the ability of a team to communicate quickly and effectively. Campers will take classes and work on drills that focus on improving their communication and teamwork.

Camp Finale:

Parents and friends of our campers will be invited to watch them play a live match at the end of the camp!

Esports Arena

The Griffon Esports Youth Camp

An exciting opportunity for students and their parents to utilize their boundless passion for gaming and use it to promote personal growth!

Here at Griffon Esports our goal is to offer a true gaming experience, (with our cutting-edge technology and training facilities) while focusing on building up our campers in areas like schedule optimization, skill development, communication improvement, and internet etiquette.

Our summer camp is open to middle and high school-aged students, (12-17 years old).

Below is our tentative schedule, but detailed daily schedules will be provided before camp begins:

July 5th-9th,  10am-4pm


Griffon Esports Youth Camp Registration

Registration is CLOSED, thanks for all who attended!