Department of Engineering Technology

Scholarship Recipients

2013-2014 Department-Level Scholarship Recipients

Joseph J. Droher Memorial Scholarship-Engineering:
Jarrett Potter

Coleman Construction Management Scholarship:
Isiah Miller

Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship:
William Anderson
Michael Frojd
Rose Hunt
Jacob Davidson
Matthew Helm
Abby Bird
Justin Hux

Zachary Prescher Memorial Scholarship:
Joseph Weaver
Weston Pool

Patricia and Harry Sauer Jr Scholarship:
Adrian Bryan

Western Excellence Award:
John Harkins
Jacob Stoll
Evan Talbot
Luke Klingbeil
Aaron Green

Midwest Apex Project (MAP) Scholars Award:
Ethan Clark
Clay Hale
Tyler O’Neill
Devan Pettyjohn

Midwest Apex Project (MAP) Incentive Award:

Note: The above list is for department-level scholarships only and it is a department-recommended list. The list could change without notice, official notification will be sent out by the Financial Aid office. There are numerous other scholarships or grants available to our students such as: Golden Griffon Scholarship, President’s Academic Scholarship, IB Diploma Scholarship, IB Certificate Scholarship, Provost’s Academic Scholarship, Governors’ Academic Scholarship, Deans’ Academic Scholarship, G.E.D. Awards, which are decided by university committees or officials. Some of these scholarships are stackable. For more information, please contact Financial Aid office.