Department of Engineering Technology

MAP Scholarship

NSFMidwest Apex Project (MAP): Road MAP for Student Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Midwest Apex Project (MAP) is a five-year project with a total amount of $599,600 (DUE-0966120). MAP is one of about 90 awards made by the Division of Undergraduate Education of NSF in fiscal year 2010 as a result of the evaluation of 401 proposals submitted in September 2009. Over the five-year grant period, MAP is awarding 84 MAP scholarships with an average of $5,600 per year, and 85 MAP incentive awards of $600 per award. By providing extensive student support to awardees, including cohort building through and online virtual community and through common course work, learning communities, peer study groups, study sessions, a brown bag lunch series, an annual orientation program, and intensive mentoring, MAP is achieving the following programmatic objectives: 1) improved accessibility to MWSU education resources, 2) increased financial support, 3) enhanced retention through graduation, and 4) increased placement of students in applied learning opportunities with regional employers.

MAP Scholarship and MAP Incentive Award recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. US citizens or permanent residents;
  2. Full time students, intending to pursue or currently pursuing a bachelors degree offered through the departments of Biology, Chemistry (with the exception of medical technology), Computer Science Mathematics and Physics, or Engineering Technology at Missouri Western State University (MWSU);
  3. Demonstration of financial need;
  4. Demonstration of academic potential or ability:
    • Freshman applications must have an ACT composite ≥ 23;
    • Returning student applications must have a cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0. For a MAP scholarship, applicants must have taken MAT 116, 119, or 130 and received a grade of B or better
    • For a MAP scholarship, applicants must have taken, or commit to enroll in one of the following courses during their first semester as a MAP scholar: BIO 105, BIO 106, CHE 111, CSC 184, EGT 205, MAT 147, or MAT 167; and continue making satisfactory progress towards their major in their study.
    • For a MAP Incentive Award, applicants must enroll in MAT 116, MAT 119, or MAT 130 in the Fall semester, and a course towards their major in the second semester.

To apply for a MAP Scholarship, or MAP Incentive Award, all applicants are required to

  1. Complete the FAFSA
  2. Provide a copy of ACT for freshman applicants, or college transcripts for transfer students;
  3. Submit a description of their professional goals and interests;
  4. Have a letter of recommendation from a former teacher or college faculty member.
    • MAP scholarship applicants will be asked to engage in a personal interview with MAP selection committee members;
    • MAP Incentive Awardees successfully completing the course with a grade of A or B and maintaining an overall GPA ≥ 3.0 will be encouraged to apply for a MAP Scholarship for the following academic year.

For more information and questions, please send an email to or contact one of the following project directors:

Dr. Jason Baker, Associate Professor of Biology, Co-project Director, 271-4380
Ms. Deborah Becker, Instructor of Computer Science, Co-project Director, 271-4521
Dr. Michael Ducey, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Co-project Director, 271-4391
Dr. Tingxiu Wang, Professor of Mathematics, Project Director, 271-4376
Dr. George Yang, Professor of Engineering Technology, Co-project Director, 271-5618