Department of Engineering Technology

Industrial Advisory Board

The Department of Engineering Technology at MWSU has a very strong industrial advisory board. Board members consist of industrial leaders, business owners, corporate officers, field engineers, school administrators. Many of the board members are the department alumni. The Industrial Advisory Board has been helping us in curriculum developments, informing the faculty and staff with current industrial needs, providing a strong tie between the students and local businesses from recruitment, internship to placement.
If you have been on the Board, you should know that your opinions and efforts have contributed greatly to the success of our programs which are aimed at serving our communities. We, the faculty and staff members in the department, deeply appreciate that.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please email Dr. George Yang, the Department Chairperson,, with your brief background information.

2012 Spring Meeting Advisory Board Members

  Abdel-Raheem   Mohamed   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Applebury   Brent   Herzog
  Archdekin   Sybil   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Brickey   Zane   Lawhon Construction
  Brickey   Mike   Lawhon Construction
  Caw   Angela   Terracon
  Fisher   Ryan   St. Joseph Plastics
  Houston   Kelly   Reardon Machine
  Jordan   Ellen   Midland Steel
  Kammer   Frank   Reardon Machine
  Mace   Joe   Midland Steel
  Merritt   Dennis   Hillyard Technical School
  Nitse   Philip   Faculty, CSB
  Qiao   Long   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Steele   Michael   Shamrad
  Stutterheim   Aaron   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Tang   Shensheng   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Williams   Dave   Musselman & Hall
  Wing III   Logan   RJ Promotions, INC.
  Yang   George   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Zhang   Zhao   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.
  Zhu   Jinwen   MWSU Engineering Technology Dept.