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Master of Applied Science (MAS)
Engineering Technology Management

The master’s degree program in Engineering Technology Management is aimed at expanding your knowledge in both the technical aspect and management, as well as advancing your career. The program emphasizes applied research and practical experiences. Graduates of the program are expected to fill positions such as: assembly line supervisor, job supervisor, shift supervisor, maintenance manager, shop manager, plant manager, group leader, project leader, high school technology teachers or college level engineering technology instructors.


MGT 503 Fall, Organizational Theory, 3
ECO 607 Fall, Managerial Economics, 3
COM 601 Fall, Professional and Organizational Communication, 3
MKT 605 Spring, Strategic Marketing, 3
MAT 609 Spring, Technical Analysis for Decision Making, 3
MAS 695 Spring, Graduate Colloquium, 3
EGT 520 Fall, Project and Process Management, 3
EGT 530 Fall, Current Advancements in Engineering Technology, 3
EGT 610 Spring, Advanced Engineering Technology, 3
EGT 690 Fall, Engineering Technology Research, 6
Total Credits: 33 credit hours


Admission requirements in addition to the University admission requirements
You must be accepted to both the University Graduate School and the MAS ET Management Option. Please see the section on Admissions Process for more information.

Applicants should have a background in engineering, technology, business, or a closely related field, and approval of the Engineering Technology Graduate Admissions Committee.

Scholarship and Financial Aid:

Scholarships are available on competitive bases. Please fill out this application form. Deadline: Feb 1.

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