Department of English and Modern Languages

Spanish Programs

The Department offers all levels of language instruction, major and minor programs, and majors in Language Education, leading to Certification in Teaching Spanish.

Spanish BA Requirements

This Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students seeking to attain an advanced level of proficiency in the language, and an understanding of the multiple perspectives within the Spanish speaking cultures. Students with a BA in Spanish may use their degree for:

Entering Graduate School in Spanish or any other discipline that requires or is enriched by a foreign language
Entering into Service and Educational Institutions
Work in Travel and Tourism
Entering into a Business setting in Industry and Commerce
Teaching English Abroad

The major consists of 40 semester hours of course work, including language, culture, and literature as follows:

SPA312 Advanced Spanish Conversation I and SPA452 Advanced Spanish Conversation II
SPA302 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPA310 Spanish Readings
An additional 27 credits of SPA courses at the 300 and 400 levels; a minimum of 12 credits must be at the 400 level.

Major in Language Education, Certification to Teach Spanish

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Spanish leads to certification to teach the language in all levels (K-12) After completing 42 credits, students may use their degree for Teaching Spanish.