Department of English and Modern Languages

Fall Spanish Courses

SPA 100 Elementary Spanish I (3). Beginning study of Spanish language and culture, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. Focus on topics of personal interest and activities, using primarily the present tense. Students whose high school transcripts show three or more years of Spanish (with a grade of C or better, and within three years of the semester in question) should attempt the placement exam because they will receive audit credit only should they enroll in the beginning Spanish course (SPA 100).

SPA 101 Elementary Spanish II (3). Continued study of Spanish language and culture, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. Focus on topics of personal interest and activities. Prerequisite: SPA 100 or equivalent.

SPA 200 Intermediate Spanish I (3). Through classroom interaction, students develop oral and written skills needed for practical and daily-life situations; study linguistic structures and functions needed to ask questions, compare, contrast, and describe; develop reading skills and expand vocabulary; and increase cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking world. Prerequisite: SPA 101 or departmental approval.

SPA 302 Grammar and Composition (3). A course in advanced grammatical constructions and writing of compositions. Original texts introducing different genres will be read and discussed. Prerequisite: Spa 201 or equivalent. LAS Writing.

SPA 322 Introduction to Hispanic Civilization and Culture I (3). A study of Hispanic society and culture. The course emphasizes connections between historical development and artistic expression. Prerequisites: SPA 201 and SPA 310 or department approval. LAS Ethics; LAS International/Intercultural.

SPA 432 Selected Studies in Literature in Spanish (3). A course on topics pertaining to literature written in Spanish-speaking nations. Representative topics include “Survey of Latin-American Literature,” “Latin-American Poetry,” “Latin-American Prose,” “Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature,” “Twentieth Century Spanish Literature.” Prerequisite: SPA 302 and SPA 310, or departmental approval.

SPA 452 Advanced Conversation (3). Students will practice conversational skills and speak Spanish in a variety of contexts and content areas. Prerequisite: SPA 312.

SPA 462 Senior Thesis (1). Students will learn how to develop a research topic, conduct research using resources in the target language, and synthesize their findings. The final product is a research paper in the target language in which students demonstrate the ability to conduct research, apply a critical perspective, and define their thesis in a written format (10-15 pages). The course will require individual meetings between student and professor, at the professor’s discretion. Students will present their thesis in a public forum at the end of the semester. Graded pass/fail. Prerequisite: Must be completed during the semester of graduation, except for summer graduates, who must complete the course in the spring semester prior to graduation.