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French at MWSU

At Missouri Western, students may pursue studies in language and culture OR a professional application for French. Details HERE. In either case, students still complete all requirements in four years. A semester abroad can further reduce the time required to complete major requirements.

French 1

The majority of French majors study abroad. Exchange programs allow students to spend a semester at a French university for the same cost of studying at MWSU. Summer immersion programs are tailored to the needs and budgets of individual students. Scholarships and financial aid ensure that every French major will be able to study abroad.

Our graduates are employed in a wide range of fields, and are offered admission in prestigious graduate programs. By studying French, you will be well suited to a variety of careers. Read what our alumni say about the French major HERE.

The French Program includes a diverse community of students, alumni, and scholars who share the same passion for the study of France and the Francophone world. Your involvement in French studies means you will get to know people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

French 2L’Alliance Française sponsors cultural events that keep you informed and immersed in the Francophone world. Alumni, exchange students and French speakers in the community add to the rich opportunities for language practice outside of class.

 We believe that high expectations of students are essential for success. Consequently, French courses are rigorous but always informative, providing training that will serve students well beyond their college years, regardless of their profession.

 In French courses, students show what they know. Rather than taking traditional grammar and vocabulary tests, our students use the language creatively. Watch examples here: Leçon de conduite, Nouvelles d’Action.

French 3Typically, French majors have traveled, studied, or worked overseas. Many have worked for the French government as teaching assistants in France. Others have been awarded highly competitive scholarships or have worked for the Peace Corps. They have learned to be open, to be respectful of culture and diversity, but most of all to be loyal to their passion.