Department of English and Modern Languages

Foreign Language Placement Test

Modern Language Placement Exam Schedule: To be announced

If you have studied French, German, or Spanish in high school or college, or if you are unsure which level of French, German, or Spanish is the best one for you to continue your language studies, take the free, standardized placement exam offered in your language. Depending on your results, you may be eligible for 3 to 12 hours of credit.

The Foreign Language Placement Exam is administered each semester prior to registration.

Time: 20-30 Minutes. The placement exam is done by computer and does not require any material. You need to sign up in advance.

Important: If you have already attempted a foreign language course at Missouri Western (even if you withdrew), you cannot receive credit from the placement test. You must be currently enrolled as a degree seeking student to receive credit.

One or two years of a language in high school is usually equivalent to one semester in college. If you have already enrolled in a course according to your background, you may still wish to take the placement exam to confirm that it is the best class for you.

Students whose high school transcripts show three or more years of French, German, or Spanish (with grades of C or better) and that studied that language within the last three years, must attempt the placement exam because they will not receive credit should they enroll in the beginning French, Spanish, or German course (FRE/GER/SPA 100).

The placement exam is offered free of charge. If you test out of at least one level of a foreign language, you must pay the test fee of $85.00. If you enroll in the course suggested by the placement exam and complete that course with a grade of C or better, your test fee will be refunded in full!

Students who receive credit for FRE, GER or SPA 100 or higher can satisfy the General Studies Category 4 Humanities requirement for foreign language.

Upon completing the placement test, students should consult with the Modern Language Coordinator before enrolling in a language course.

For more information about the Foreign Language placement exam, contact:

Dr. Miguel Rivera-Taupier
Modern Language Coordinator
Eder Hall, Room 222-L
(816) 271-4321
E-mail: mriverat@missouriwestern.edu