Department of English and Modern Languages

Lip Sync

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Musical Performance: Song in any foreign language
Five points possible for each of the following:

  1. Introduction of song and artist given in the target language
  2. Language use and comprehensibility
  3. Choreography
  4. Dramatic effect
  5. Creativity
Prizes: Awarded for first and second place.

Perform a lip sync of a song in a foreign language. There is no limit on the number of performers per entry, although only one entry per language per school is allowed. Students must submit a link to the recording of the performance by  March 3rd. The lip sync should not exceed 90 seconds. The top Lip syncs for each language will be performed on stage during Foreign Language Day.

Link to recording must be received by March 3, 2016.
*Include name of school, teacher, language, actors.

Send link to: