Foreign Language Exit Exam
B.A. and B.S.E. French and Spanish majors enroll in FRE/SPA 462 Senior Thesis during their last semester of studies. Students write a research paper in the target language, demonstrating the ability to conduct research, apply a critical perspective, and defend their thesis in a written format. Students present their thesis in a public forum at the end of the semester.

B.S.E. French and Spanish majors must receive a passing score, as determined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, on the PRAXIS II Examination in French or Spanish. In addition, students must demonstrate oral proficiency in the language of certification at the level of Advanced Low, according to the guidelines established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Students are responsible for scheduling and paying for an official Oral Proficiency Interview with Language Testing International. Students who are unable to attain the Advanced Low level of oral proficiency will not receive state certification.

B.S.E. English Education Exit Exam
B.S.E. English Education majors do not have to take an exit exam though the EML department.  Exit exams for B.S.E. English Education majors are handled through the Education Department. Please contact the Education Department for Exit Exam information.

Literature Exit Exam
All B.A. English/Literature majors must take the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) Exit Exam in literature during their last semester in college. The exam is offered four times each semester to provide students with some flexibility in arranging a convenient time for the exam within their personal schedules.

The EML department will notify prospective graduates of the upcoming test dates by mail, and students will be asked to select a date and contact the department to schedule the test. The department will send students a test reminder by mail approximately one week prior to the scheduled test date.  It is important to keep your appointed test date or reschedule prior to the appointed date to avoid an $85 fee.

Technical Communication Senior Portfolio
Technical Communication majors are required to submit a graduation portfolio during their final semester. This portfolio includes a resume and reflective writings, in addition to six examples meeting the criteria listed below. The portfolio is compiled as part of the ETC 401 Senior Portfolio course.

Documents required for Professional Writing Senior Graduation Portfolios:

  1. Ability to conduct research and present the results in appropriate written form (any research paper for any course 200-level or higher)
  2. Mastery of technical and business writing genres (formal report, collection of correspondence (4-5 items, no longer than 10 pages total), proposal, case study)
  3. Create documents with an awareness of expectations of a “real world” discourse communities (anything created for an internship, document/project created for a client or organization)
  4. Use the technical tools available to technical communicators to create documents that are visually effective. Include description of tools used., i.e. HTML, FrameMaker, RoboHelp (brochure, website/pages, index/help file created with RoboHelp)
  5. Ability to work in teams to create written projects (collaborative project–include information about contribution and thoughts on working in teams in cover sheet)
  6. Ability to guide users through processes or procedures (instructions, procedure guides, explanation of a progress)

Placement & Exit Exams