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Howard “My classes gave me a strong foundation of the newspaper industry and some of the issues I’d face as a reporter. The relationships I built with faculty members – especially my academic advisor –  continue to help me every single day. I am still in contact with my advisor, who went to great lengths to help me in my job search. He is still always willing to help me.”
Stephanie L. Boothe, ’01

9207_German_sj “My education at Missouri Western was a mix of hands-on and theory. I learned the hands-on skills that made me immediately productive on the job; but I also got the more theoretical liberal arts training that allows me to adapt and learn new skills as needed.”
Bart German, ’01
Documentation Developer
Cerner Corporation

ASH.small_9382_sj “Living in Mexico for three weeks was my ‘golden experience’ at Missouri Western. The opportunity to live in a different country, acclimate to the culture, and interact with people in a different language is truly an irreplaceable experience. Not many people that I have encountered in my years since Missouri Western have had the opportunity and privilege of living in another country.”
Tia Meredith-Ash, ’01
Business Development Specialist/Contracting Specialist

jeffjohnson “Without a doubt, the best experience I had at Missouri Western was the opportunity to study in Mexico. I simply fell in love with Mexico and the people, and knew after that trip that I wanted to get my Spanish degree to complement my business degree. Having a foreign language degree is an invaluable addition to any resumé.
Jeff Johnson, ’94
Senior Market Manager – Mexico
Union Pacific, Omaha

birr “As a nontraditional student I discovered that there are no limits to where you can go with a good education. Missouri Western prepared me for a successful career in journalism and a graduate degree that led to even more rewarding work with one of the most respected creative companies in the world.”
Deborah Birr, ’88
Editorial Director
Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, Mo.

Vince_Thomson_00130 “I majored in English literature with a writing emphasis, and I have always felt that I had a leg up on those who majored in marketing or business. If someone can write well, they can make just about anything happen.”Missouri Western is a special place, and my good memories involve the people – just really good people; nice people who cared about you.”
Vince Thomson, ’86
Sr. Vice President, General Manager, Co-owner
Ideastream Consumer Products

ritterMichelle “The broad scope of coursework at Missouri Western not only prepared me for my chosen field as a technical communicator, but also gave me the knowledge and flexibility to be able to adapt to the demands of my current occupation. Overall, the education I received has made me highly employable in a variety of fields and has allowed me to be successful in the workplace.”
Michelle Ritter, ’00
Web Developer
Missouri Western State University