Department of English and Modern Languages


2015-2016 EML Committees and Responsibilities

Assessment Coordinator: Jeanie Crain

Club Advisers:

  • Sigma Tau Delta: Ian Roberts, CJ Jeney
  • SNCTE: Susan Martens
  • Spanish Club: Ana Bausset
  • French Club: Claudine Evans
  • Creative Writing Club: Marianne Kunkel

Dual Credit: Amy Miller (ENG coordinator)

MWSU Library Acquisitions: Dana Andrews (ENG), Ana Bausset (ML)

Research Assistant Coordinator: Miguel Rivera-Taupier

Foreign Film Series: Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz

New Faculty Mentors: Cynthia Jenéy (Gaywyn Moore), Michael Charlton (Liz Canon)

TA Mentors: Mary Dockery (Roxanne Chase), Meredith Katchen (Brandon Herring)

Standing Committees:

Bill Church (Chair), Claudine Evans, Ian Roberts, Brooksie Kluge, Dana Andrews

Kay Siebler (Chair), Dawn Terrick, Cynthia Bartels, Stacia Bensyl, Meredith Katchen, Mary Dockery,  Susan Martens, Brooksie Kluge, Dana Andrews, Gaywyn Moore, Liz Canon, Amy Miller

Mike Cadden (Chair), Bill Church, Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz, Cynthia Jenéy, Susan Martens

English 100
Dawn Terrick (Chair), All ENG 100 Faculty

Graduate Studies
Michael Charlton Chair), Cynthia Jenéy, Jeanie Crain, Susan Martens, Kaye Adkins

Literary Studies
Stacia Bensyl (Chair), Mike Cadden, Jeanie Crain, Gaywyn Moore, Cynthia Jenéy, Ian Roberts

Modern Languages
Miguel Rivera-Taupier (Chair), Ana Bausset, Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz, Claudine Evans, Susie Hennessy

Morale & Motivation
Marianne Kunkel (Chair), Mary Dockery, Claudine Evans, Brooksie Kluge

Online Course
Jeanie Crain (Chair), Cynthia Bartels, Stacia Bensyl, Meredith Katchen, Mary Dockery, Brooksie Klugie

Professional Writing
Kaye Adkins (Chair), Michael Charlton, Marianne Kunkel, Liz Canon, Journalism faculty