Department of Education

Educator Certification

Traditional Certification

These individuals complete a Bachelor’s degree and Teacher Education requirements by attending an Institution of Higher Education. The students at Missouri Western follow a 4 year plan (or transfer into MWSU and follow transfer policy & advisement) to complete their degree and are recommended for licensure by the Certification Officer in the Education Department. 

Certification Only

These individuals have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a content area and are able to add Teacher Certification to their degree.  Missouri Western will have you make an appointment with the Department represented by your degree (English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Music, Art, or Physical Education). The Department will audit your courses for missing requirements designated by the State of Missouri. You will then visit with the Placement Director in the Education Department to discuss required education courses.  You must meet the requirements for Admission to Education. Once you have completed all the requirements the MWSU Certification Officer will recommend you for licensure for the State of Missouri.

Alternative Certification

These individuals have a Bachelor’s Degree in a content area (English, Math, History, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, French, Physical Education, Music Instrumental or Vocal, or Art) and are under contract with a school district. The Missouri Western Certification Officer will audit your Bachelor’s degree to see if you have courses to meet the requirements set by the State of Missouri.  You must provide proof of employment and a fingerprint background check with a school district.  You will be required to take any courses missing from the state requirements and 25 hours of Education courses designed to assist you in completing your certification. Missouri Western Alternative Certification may be completed in three semesters (fall, spring, summer) through online or blended course work and field work done within your classroom. Once all course work and state assessments are completed the Certification Officer will recommend you for licensure.