Notes on Homeschool Transcripts

Transcript-example-homeschoolEarly College Academy courses fulfill one full year’s credit within one semester on the homeschool transcript. For example, if a college course is two credits on the college transcript for one semester, it counts as one credit on the homeschool transcript. If a college course is three or more credits on the college transcript, it still counts as only one credit on the homeschool transcript.

Make sure you list “Early College Academy” for each semester of Early College Academy credit earned within the note area on the transcript. (If your student qualifies for Honors Composition and Rhetoric and successfully completes this class at Missouri Western, some universities will count this as two semesters when transferring credits. This is because this class in particular covers two courses within one semester. It is worth mentioning when you are working with a university to transfer credits.)

Keep a copy of the front cover, table of contents and copyright page for each textbook you use (both homeschool texts and university texts) and the course syllabus. If a university has questions about the content of the class offered at home or Missouri Western when transferring credits, you will have all of the information they need to compare classes.

In order to maintain freshman status upon entering college, keep a close watch on every university you are interested in as to the number of credits they accept for transfer. You risk losing freshman scholarships if you go over the credit limit set by different universities. Universities vary on the number of transfer credits allowed.

Homeschool enrichment classes count for .25 (or ¼) of a year’s credit. For example, to count for full credit, homeschool students who took choir were also members of the church choir, took private voice lessons or other vocal music opportunities.

Instrumental Music can count for a year’s credit, which would include dedicated practice time and weekly lessons. List public performances and contests in your student’s extra curricular area.

Work study may be included in the transcript as well. Note how many hours per week spent working.

Summer classes, such as the Summer Research Institute on the Missouri Western campus, were listed in the following semester after the class was taken.

The foreign study/travel abroad/Egypt class included an intensive study about Egypt and the Mid-East during the semester prior to the trip, including history, politics, travel plans, customs, etc. The trip lasted a month, with travel plans made by the student. The student was required to prepare a written paper and a program which was presented to an audience upon return. A mission trip with an intensive study program can count as credit. Mission trips abroad without an intensive study should at least be mentioned in the extra curricular activities.

Sports can be counted as a physical education.

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