Dual Credit

Teacher/Faculty Information

Program Structure and Administration

  • Course content and course requirements must be comparable to those utilized in the equivalent on-campus courses with the same course numbers and must be approved by the academic department.
  • Credit awarded for the course must accepted for transfer by the academic department.
  • All high school students enrolled in a dual credit course must meet the same requirements for completion of the course, whether or not the student is simultaneously registered for college credit.
  • Registration, withdrawal, and refund dates will be comparable with the on-campus dates for students.
  • The same tuition rate will be used for all dual credit courses.
  • There is no limit on the number of dual credit courses that will be accepted for transfer to Missouri Western.

Faculty Qualifications and Support

  • As for any instructor of college-level courses, high school instructors of college credit courses shall meet the requirements for faculty teaching in institutions of higher education, as stipulated for accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and School, Commission on Institutions of High Education.
  • Master’s degree that includes substantial study (usually a minimum of 18 credit hours) appropriate to the academic field in which they are teaching
  • High school instructors for dual credit courses must be approved by both the high school and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Orientation, professional development and evaluation of dual credit instructors is the responsibility of the academic department.

Assessment of Student Performance

  • The academic department is responsible for the development of assessment and evaluation measures to assure quality and comparability of dual credit courses. This is demonstrated by using the same methods of assessment or identical testing procedures and by employing the same means of evaluation.
  • Annual reports of student performance must be submitted to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for both review and consideration with respect to the continuation of the dual credit instructor.