Dual Credit

Online Classes

College Algebra

algebraLinear, quadratic, and miscellaneous equations and inequalities; relations and functions including polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; graphing; systems of equations; and matrices. Prerequisite: ACT math score of  22. Note: This course requires an approved high school math teacher to be present during class time.

Instructor:  Dr. Ken Lee
Course number: MAT 116
Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to Sociology

crowd of peopleAn introduction to the discipline of sociology; basic sociological concepts and theories; a survey of the major topics such as culture, society, social interaction, groups, crime, race/ethnicity, class, gender, the family, education, religion, medicine, economy, politics. Cross-cultural comparisons.

Instructor: Dr. Ali Kamali
Course number: SOC 110
Credit Hours: 3

Oral Communication

public speakingPrinciples of speech as applied in meaningful participation in society.

Instructor: Dr. Chris Bond
Course number: COM 104
Credit Hours: 3

College Writing & Rhetoric

Instruction in reading and writing; emphasizes expository prose. Fulfills first half of General Studies requirement in English composition. Prerequisite: ACT reading score of  18 or higher.

Instructor: Staff
Course number: ENG 104
Credit Hours: 3

College Writing & Research

Instruction in college-level reading and rhetoric; continued practice in college-level writing. Fulfills second half of General Studies requirement in English composition. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in ENG104.

Instructor: Staff
Course number: ENG 108
Credit Hours: 3

Microcomputer Applications

computersApplications of productivity software such as Microsoft Office® Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint for careers, school, and home. Impact of technology on society by computer information systems, networks, e-commerce, and the Internet is included. Previous computer experience recommended.

Instructor: Evan Noynaert
Course number: CSC 201
Credit Hours: 3

General Psychology

general psychologyGeneral information about psychology in everyday life, designed to correct misconceptions and to give the student a better understanding of self and others.

Instructor: Aron Gerhardt
Course number: PSY 101
Credit Hours: 3


Music Appreciation

music appreciationMusic materials, forms, historical-social development of composers and compositions. Various themes may be pursued. Themes include: Traditional (classical music); Popular Music in America; Jazz; Rock; and World Music.

Instructor: Dr. Matt Edwards
Course number: MUS 101
Credit Hours: 3

American History Since 1865

history classReconstruction, industrialization, urbanization, emergence as a world power, progressivism, World War I, the New Deal, World War II, and postwar America.

Instructor: Derek Frieling
Course number: HIS 150
Credit Hours: 3


Introduction to Astronomy

astronomyBasic course in astronomy, mostly descriptive in nature; solar system, stellar astronomy, structure of galaxy and universe. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.

Instructor: Chris Godfrey
Course number: PHY 104
Credit Hours: 4


Introduction to Theatre

TheatreThe contributions made by directors, actors, designers, technicians, and playwrights to modern dramatic productions. Participation in a production as performer, member of stage or construction crew, or members of production committee may be required.

Instructor: Bob Willenbrink
Course number: THR 113
Credit Hours: 3