Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit

Online Classes

College Algebra

algebraLinear, quadratic, and miscellaneous equations and inequalities; relations and functions including polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; graphing; systems of equations; and matrices. Prerequisite: ACT math score of  22. Note: This course requires an approved high school math teacher to be present during class time.

Instructor:  Dr. Ken Lee
Course number: MAT 116
Credit Hours: 3


Introduction to Sociology

crowd of peopleAn introduction to the discipline of sociology; basic sociological concepts and theories; a survey of the major topics such as culture, society, social interaction, groups, crime, race/ethnicity, class, gender, the family, education, religion, medicine, economy, politics. Cross-cultural comparisons.

Instructor: Dr. Ali Kamali
Course number: SOC 110
Credit Hours: 3


Oral Communication

public speakingPrinciples of speech as applied in meaningful participation in society.

Instructor: Dr. Chris Bond
Course number: COM 104
Credit Hours: 3


College Writing & Rhetoric

Instruction in reading and writing; emphasizes expository prose. Fulfills first half of General Studies requirement in English composition. Prerequisite: ACT reading score of  18 or higher.

Instructor: Staff
Course number: ENG 104
Credit Hours: 3


College Writing & Research

Instruction in college-level reading and rhetoric; continued practice in college-level writing. Fulfills second half of General Studies requirement in English composition. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in ENG104.

Instructor: Staff
Course number: ENG 108
Credit Hours: 3


Microcomputer Applications

computersApplications of productivity software such as Microsoft Office® Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint for careers, school, and home. Impact of technology on society by computer information systems, networks, e-commerce, and the Internet is included. Previous computer experience recommended.

Instructor: Evan Noynaert
Course number: CSC 201
Credit Hours: 3


General Psychology

general psychologyGeneral information about psychology in everyday life, designed to correct misconceptions and to give the student a better understanding of self and others.

Instructor: Aron Gerhardt
Course number: PSY 101
Credit Hours: 3

Music Appreciation

music appreciationMusic materials, forms, historical-social development of composers and compositions. Various themes may be pursued. Themes include: Traditional (classical music); Popular Music in America; Jazz; Rock; and World Music.

Instructor: Dr. Matt Edwards
Course number: MUS 101
Credit Hours: 3

American History Since 1865

history classReconstruction, industrialization, urbanization, emergence as a world power, progressivism, World War I, the New Deal, World War II, and postwar America.

Instructor: Derek Frieling
Course number: HIS 150
Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to Astronomy

astronomyBasic course in astronomy, mostly descriptive in nature; solar system, stellar astronomy, structure of galaxy and universe. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.

Instructor: Chris Godfrey
Course number: PHY 104
Credit Hours: 4

Introduction to Theatre

TheatreThe contributions made by directors, actors, designers, technicians, and playwrights to modern dramatic productions. Participation in a production as performer, member of stage or construction crew, or members of production committee may be required.

Instructor: Bob Willenbrink
Course number: THR 113
Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to Art

Painting on ceiling of Sistine Chapel

General background in the history, philosophy, principles and techniques of the visual arts.

Instructor: BJ Brooks
Course number: ART 100
Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to Criminal Justice

scales of justice, gavel

A survey of the philosophical and historical background of the criminal justice system as it relates to the individual; reviews the principles underlying social organization control devices with an emphasis upon such legal systems as the criminal courts, corrections, and law enforcement; designed to provide general knowledge about the concept and causes of crime, the varying goals and objectives of the criminal justice system, and an assessment of specific role performance of various members of the criminal justice system, including major aspects of civil process.

Instructor: David Marble
Course number: LAW 100
Credit Hours: 3


Introduction to Juvenile Justice

 law and justice

Studies the delinquent juvenile as an individual and the impact on society; investigates delinquency, causation, the rose of the law enforcement officer, the juvenile officer, the juvenile court and juvenile corrections.

Instructor: David Marble
Course number: LAW 110
Credit Hours: 3


American National Government

US National Capitol

The American constitutional system, including Congress, the presidency and the courts; and public issues.

Instructor: Melinda Kovac
Course number: PSC 101
Credit Hours: 3