Dual Credit

Combination Video/Face-to-Face Classes

Video/Face-to-Face classes combine video lectures from a Missouri Western faculty member and the skills of the high school teacher.

The high school instructor must attend a summer workshop on the Missouri Western campus. At the workshop, high school instructors train in lab sessions and gain a better understanding of the course, the Missouri Western faculty member, course materials and expectations.

General Chemistry

chemistryBasic concepts of chemistry: atomic theory and periodic system, chemical calculations, oxidation-reduction, states of matter, theory of chemical bonding, atomic structures. Prerequisite: ACT math score of 20 or higher.

Students and the high school instructor will visit the Missouri Western campus two times a year (once in the fall and once in the spring) to participate in more sophisticated lab experiments.


Instructor: Janelle Torres y Torres
Course Number: CHE 111
Credit Hours: 5


Ancient & Medieval Civilization

colliseumThe western world from antiquity to the fifteenth century; the emergence of civilization in the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates valleys; the political, social, economic, and intellectual contributions of Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 200
Credit Hours: 3


Fitness and Wellness

fitness and wellnessDevelop knowledge and skill in obtaining optimal health fitness through nutrition, stress management, cardiorespiratory endurance, recognition of risk factors for health disease, and musculoskeletal development.

Course Number: PED 101
Credit Hours: 3


*This course is not required to be part of the high school’s physical education curriculum.

Early Modern Civilization

french revolutionThe western world from 1500 to 1815; national states, the geographical revolution, the founding of European overseas empires, the Reformation, the emergence of constitutional governments, the Scientific Revolution, and the American and French Revolutions.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 210
Credit Hours: 3


Modern Europe: 1789 to Present

david napoleonThe French Revolution and Napoleonic periods; reaction, nationalism, and revolution; rise of socialism; imperialism; World War I; the Russian Revolutions and Soviet communism; the rise of fascism; Hitler, Stalin, and World War II; the Holocaust; the postwar bi-polar world order; the bloc system.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 230
Credit Hours: 3


NOTE: These courses have limited availability. Please contact Stacy Turner at 816-271-4109 for more information.