Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit

Combination Video/Face-to-Face Classes

General Chemistry

chemistryThis course combines the video lectures from a MWSU faculty member and the skills of the high school Chemistry teacher.

Basic concepts of chemistry: atomic theory and periodic system, chemical calculations, oxidation-reduction, states of matter, theory of chemical bonding, atomic structures. Prerequisite: ACT math score of 22 or higher.

Students and the high school instructor will visit the Missouri Western campus two times a year (once in the fall and once in the spring) to participate in more sophisticated lab experiments.

Note: The high school instructor must attend a summer workshop on the Missouri Western campus. At the workshop, high school instructors train in lab sessions and gain a better understanding of the course, the Missouri Western faculty member, course materials and expectations.

Instructor: Debbi Jeffries
Course Number: CHE 111
Credit Hours: 5


Ancient & Medieval Civilization

colliseumThe western world from antiquity to the fifteenth century; the emergence of civilization in the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates valleys; the political, social, economic, and intellectual contributions of Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 200
Credit Hours: 3


Early Modern Civilization

french revolutionThe western world from 1500 to 1815; national states, the geographical revolution, the founding of European overseas empires, the Reformation, the emergence of constitutional governments, the Scientific Revolution, and the American and French Revolutions.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 210
Credit Hours: 3


Modern Europe: 1789 to Present

david napoleonThe French Revolution and Napoleonic periods; reaction, nationalism, and revolution; rise of socialism; imperialism; World War I; the Russian Revolutions and Soviet communism; the rise of fascism; Hitler, Stalin, and World War II; the Holocaust; the postwar bi-polar world order; the bloc system.

Instructor: Bill Luce
Course Number: HIS 230
Credit Hours: 3


NOTE: These courses have limited availability. Please contact Stacy Turner at 816-271-4109 for more information.