Digital Media


career9Students in the Master of Applied Arts in Digital Media at Missouri Western State University learn the latest advances in communication with a global audience using digital media technology. Many graduate programs provide the opportunity to study a single new media concentration. However, the Digital Media program is unique in its blend of video, audio, design, and writing that gives graduates the full range of digital skills. In addition, other Digital Media courses enable students to take their skills into the marketplace, working to manage or support team projects.

Opportunities in digital media technology continue to abound, with no sign that this trend will end any time soon. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in digital media and related areas is expected to grow between 9-15 percent through 2018. Jobs that rely on digital media technology include technical writer, multimedia journalist, interactive designer, graphic designer, motion graphic designer, project manager, news reporter, art director, animator, digital audio producer, educational technologist, project manager, digital product manager, sound designer, internet marketer and videographer.