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Missouri Western Arts Society Brochure

At Missouri Western State University, the arts are an essential part of the University’s mission, with an important role in the academic curriculum, extra-curricular life of students, overall development of all students, and contribution to the general quality of life in the regional community. Missouri Western is focusing on the further development of its arts programs and their role in the life of the University and regional community.

The goals of the Missouri Western Arts Society are to provide financial resources that supplement the annual budgets of arts programs, encourage attendance at performances and exhibitions, and help spread the reputation of the University’s arts programs. Members are individuals and organizations that desire to assist in the achievement of these goals.

  • Enrichment of the arts curricula
  • Expanded performance and exhibition opportunities for students
  • Technological and artistic support

Please visit the School of Fine Arts to learn more about the departments supported by the Arts Society.

Levels of membership

  • Medici Circle (gift of  $1,000 or more) – named in honor of the Italian Medici family, financiers of Renaissance artists
  • Beethoven Circle (gift of $500 to $999) – named in honor of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827
  • da Vinci Circle (gift of $250 to $499) – named in honor of the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519
  • Shakespeare Circle (gift of $100 to $249) – named in honor of the English playwright William Shakespeare, 1564-1616

Member Benefits*

Members of the Missouri Western Arts Society receive the following benefits:

  • Members will be listed in the Missouri Western Foundation’s annual report and other publications
  • Members will be acknowledged at performances and exhibitions in a manner suitable to the specific event
  • Members will be invited to a members-only annual meeting with entertainment provided by our talented faculty and students
  • Members will be given the opportunity to join group outings to Broadway shows, the Lyric Opera, art museums and other arts activities in the area
  • Members will receive the Missouri Western Arts Society newsletter

* A portion of the funds collected will be utilized to support the functions and activities that promote the Missouri Western Arts Society membership.  

How to become a member

Joining the Arts Society expresses your commitment to give at the same level each year. It is NOT a pledge and can be discontinued at any time. Members receive a membership reminder once a year. Enroll Now

Funding Allocations

The Arts Society provides grants to enhance the student learning experience. If you are a faculty member who has an arts-centered funding request, please complete the 2016-2017 Project Request Form.
Project requests are due on September 9, 2016 at 5 p.m.