Department of Computer Science, Math & Physics

The Calculus Bee

In honor of April being Mathematics Awareness Month, the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics is sponsoring a Calculus Bee. It is a two-part event consisting of a written exam and a countdown round. The written exam consists of questions over material from first semester calculus. A contestant’s score on the written exam determines his/her ranking for the countdown round. Only the top twenty ranked contestants will proceed to the Countdown Round.  The countdown round is a head-to-head competition, beginning with the 19th and 20th ranked contestants. The first contestant to answer two questions correctly goes on to compete against the next highest ranked contestant. This continues until all top twenty contestants have competed. It is very beneficial to do well on the written exam so that you will be ranked higher and therefore have to compete less in the countdown round. (questions? contact Dr. Kevin Anderson)