Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics


What types of internship opportunities are available?

Approximately 70% of graduates in CSMP completed an internship or participated in an applied learning experience. Students have worked on campus as teaching assistants, as statistical analysts, or in web development. Off-campus, Math majors work as actuaries for insurance companies, and Computer Science students complete internships for area businesses in their Information Technology departments. Students who are earning teacher certification gain extensive experience in area classrooms that culminates in student teaching one full semester.

Why are internships important to the program?

Experience in the field is beneficial to each student’s education. Internships provide students with a valuable hands-on experience that is difficult to duplicate in the classroom.

What special facilities does the Missouri Western CSMP Department have?

The CSMP Department maintains a state-of-the-art planetarium for its astronomy classes.

Students also have access to up-to-date software applications for their courses and in the computer labs.

What student research opportunities are available?

Students have many opportunities for research, working with faculty members and in small groups. Recent research projects include “Modeling the Spirograph,” and work in robotics and bio-informatics.

Do students present research findings at conferences?

Yes. Students often present their research at regional and national meetings.

Also, student teams in Mathematics, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems compete at regional and national conferences.