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Basic Needs Security
Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live, and believes this may affect their performance in the course, is urged to contact the Dean of Students, 226 Blum Student Union, for a list of resources and support. The Campus Cupboard is a free resource with pantry and hygiene items, located at 214 Blum Student Union. Furthermore, please notify a professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable him/her to provide any resources that he/she may possess.

A Note on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct
Consistent with its mission, MWSU seeks to assure all community members learn and work in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Title VII, Title IX, and MWSU policy prohibit harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. Anyone experiencing harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct is encouraged to talk to someone from the Campus and Local Resources list found on page i of the MWSU Student Handbook ( obtain support and allow MWSU to respond appropriately. Please note that there are both confidential and non-confidential resources and reporting options available. Your instructors are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct and thus, cannot guarantee confidentiality. For more information about policies, reporting options, and resources, please visit the Title IX Policies and Procedures website: (NOTE: Students have received information via email regarding Title IX training. Please follow the link in the email sent to your MWSU student account to complete the training. Students who do not complete the training will receive a hold on their account, prohibiting future semester enrollment until the training is complete.)

Recording of Course Content Policy
All course materials authored by the course instructor, including but not limited to, PowerPoint slides, lecture recordings, Moodle/Canvas screen shots, course handouts, and course syllabi, are the intellectual property of the course instructor and are protected by copyright law. All lecture recordings are authorized solely for the purpose of the student’s individual or group study with other students enrolled in the same class. Such recordings may not be reproduced or uploaded to publicly accessible web environments, nor can the recordings be exchanged or distributed for commercial purposes, compensation, or for any other purpose other than study by students enrolled in the current class. In other words, a student enrolled in the current class may download and make copies of the course materials (including lecture recordings) for the student’s own use, but the student may not publicly reproduce or distribute the material, or enable others to do so without the written consent of the instructor. Furthermore, students must delete all lecture recordings at the end of the course. Failure to comply with this policy may constitute a violation of the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the MWSU Student Handbook and result in disciplinary action (

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