Center for Student Engagement


Taking advantage of a wide variety of student activities will develop students intellectually, morally, culturally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially. Involvement in student organizations provides opportunities for development in the areas of leadership, personnel management, collaboration, fiduciary management, supervision, organization, communication, networking, and event planning. In addition, involvement exposes students to the larger Missouri Western community and affords students direct input as to the management and direction of this institution.

Engagement in any number of student activities, such as participation in student organizations, can enhance the academic performance of a student, ultimately, allowing the university to fulfill its mission.

Student organizations come in many shapes and sizes, as they are offered in the areas of study, culture, political advocacy, service, sports and recreation, governance, and Greek life. There are also a number of honor societies at Missouri Western, special interest groups, and religious student organizations. Students who have trouble finding the organization that meets their needs are invited to found a new student organization. The process for starting new student organizations can be obtained in the Center for Student Engagement.

The Center for Student Engagement is located in the Blum Student Union Room 207. You can contact us at (816) 271-4159 or (816) 271-4150.