See you
in the Fall!

In-person classes. A full range of student activities.

Missouri Western State University is excited to welcome students back to campus this fall! We are committed to providing an engaging and fulfilling in-person, on-campus experience for every student in a safe environment.


We will return to normal capacity in classrooms, laboratories and other campus spaces. This will allow us to convert many classes from hybrid/blended to 100% in person. It will also allow us to move many larger classes back into regular classrooms, freeing up many of the campus meeting rooms for other events. Faculty will prepare courses with the ability to pivot to an online or hybrid format within their assigned classrooms should the need arise. We will continue our surveillance of campus incidence and contact tracing. Please continue to report any positive or suspected cases. We will continue to assess community transmission and hospitalization rates and will be prepared to reimplement mitigation strategies as necessary. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated will still be required to wear a face covering in all public indoor spaces except when eating or exercising.

The fall 2021 class schedule is now live. Advisement and registration are now underway.

Student Activities

The Division of Student Affairs and other departments on campus are working diligently to plan a full range of activities that can be done safely either in person or in a more engaging way virtually. Hundreds of events are planned, including Western Warm-Up, Homecoming, fraternity and sorority life recruitment, and much more.

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