• Entry/Exit and other directional signage: Entry and exits to many buildings may be coordinated to assist with traffic flow in an effort to enhance efforts at physical distancing. Please follow signs on building doors and other directional signage as it appears to assist in these efforts. Where buildings do not have broad enough sets of doorways to designate separate entry/exit flow, please be mindful not to congregate in these areas, and keep in mind other physical distancing principles.
  • Health signage: Other informational signage provided by the City of St. Joseph and the University will be posted from time to time. Please monitor these signs for continued updated information.
  • Floor stickers: Distance floor stickers may be ordered through a MOJO request.

Hands Free Access — Propping Doors Open

Where it is reasonably feasible either for a passing period or throughout the day, within a particular area, it will be helpful to consider what doors may be kept open to enhance hands-free access. In many cases due to fire safety, ventilation, HVAC, noise, or privacy concerns, it will not be possible simply to keep doors propped open throughout the day.  


  • Elevators may have limited occupancy; signage will be added to indicate this as well as to emphasize priority usage. 
  • In order to limit spread of the virus in a confined space, masks are recommended and conversation should be limited while in elevators.


  • Please follow social distancing guidelines and maintain at least six feet of distance in restrooms.
  • If you can’t maintain at least six feet of distance inside restrooms, please wait outside rather than inside in order to maintain social distancing.

Campus Water / Water Fountains / Bottle Fillers

  • Reminder to those using campus water fountains that these are traditionally high-touch facilities and while cleaned regularly, additional precautions should be taken. Touch-free bottle-filling stations are available in many locations across campus as an alternative to traditional water fountains.

Air filtration

Our air filtration system is currently at the highest quality that can be sustained by our HVAC equipment.  (Moving to a more restrictive air filtration system could very well cause system failure.)  We have made many upgrades to our air-handling systems, and will continue to keep apprised of current information in this area.

Computer labs and community computers (including Testing Center / Hearnes)

  • Face coverings are required in these spaces as well as adjacent hallways. 
  • All student computer labs are being deep cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Monitors and peripherals will be cleaned regularly, but students and faculty should also take opportunities to use disinfecting supplies provided for self-serve cleaning before using computer equipment.  Please follow instructions provided by IT staff. 
  • Machines in drop-in labs are being reduced to assist with physical distancing.

Students can remote into campus lab computers and software from their home Windows, Mac and Chromebook devices by going to Machines that are available for remoting in will show up on the list to select. Instructions for this can be found at

Use of Facilities by Outside Groups

The use of university facilities by outside groups may be limited. Approval processes will fully consider the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and third parties. Use of facilities by outside groups may be approved if the use advances the mission of the university or agency. Safety requirements and recommendations established by local health authorities and university/agency policies in effect at the time of the event will be observed (e.g., gathering size, physical distancing, face coverings, etc.).

Visitors to Campus

All visitors are expected to observe the same protocols, requirements, and recommendations established by local health authorities and university policies in effect at the time of the visit (e.g., meeting size, physical distancing, face coverings, etc.).

Cleaning Supplies

Physical Plant has QT-TB refillable disinfectant cleaner, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer available. To request these supplies for offices, suites, and meeting rooms, please enter a MOJO request here. There is no need to place an order for classrooms and labs, as the custodial staff will automatically deliver and refill disinfectant items according to the supply we have in stock (please do not throw away empty bottles). The custodial staff will be cleaning all classrooms and labs once a day.

Plexiglass Protection Shields

A MOJO request may also be entered for COVID-19 Plexiglass Protection Shields.