Counseling Center

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to see a counselor about a personal problem. Do the counselors do only career counseling or do they to personal counseling? Counselors at Missouri Western do a great deal of counseling. They assist students with any personal problem which may be interfering with their academic pursuits.

I can no longer afford therapy at the clinic where I am going now. Could I start seeing a counselor here? Counselors at Missouri Western do not provide long-term therapy. Typically, the counseling sessions run from 5 to 8 weeks. Counselors will assist students with needs for longer-term therapy to find a suitable treatment program in the community.

I don’t know what to take next semester. Could a counselor help me plan a schedule? Counselors do not usually help students plan schedules. Incoming students may want to talk with a peer counselor about programs and classes. Enrolled students should see their advisor for this type of help.

Will what I say to the counselor be held confidential? Counselors do not share information about students with anyone except other counseling staff. For example, if the faculty member or coach refers a student, information will not be shared with the referring party without the consent of the student. An exception to this policy occurs if the student is deemed a danger to themselves or someone else. At this point, a counselor has the duty to warn and this will usually involve sharing confidential information. Counseling records may also be subpoenaed.

I have been seeing one counselor but I would like to see another. Can I do that? Counselors avoid accepting a client that is seeing another counselor without the permission of the initial counselor. Students who wish to see a different counselor need to secure permission from their present counselor.

I want to declare a major. How do I do that? Persons wishing to declare a major need to go to the department that houses the major they want to declare.

I am interested in marital counseling. My spouse is not a student here. Would a counselor see us both? Missouri Western counselors do not see spouses or other family members that do not attend Missouri Western.

Could you tell me about career testing and if there are tests that will tell me what I should do? We have a number of the career assessment tools that may help you learn more about yourself. They can point out how your interests compare with the interests of persons in certain occupations, or give you information about your personality type. Other tests will encourage you to think about your career values, priorities and resources. No one test will tell you what career or degree to pursue.