Counseling Center

Counseling Services Available

Personal Counseling
Counselors use a variety of techniques to help students work through personal problems. This often involves helping a client perceive situations in more constructive ways. It then enables clients to set goals and take the actions that will obtain the desired goals. The counselors can also help individuals gain greater awareness through self monitoring and evaluation to the point where they are able to use techniques learned in counseling on their own.

Biofeedback and Stress Management
Many students are finding the biofeedback-stress management program of the Counseling Center helpful in easing the pressures of college life. Counselors use electronic instrumentation to monitor the body’s reaction to stress. Through feedback of this information, students are taught how to voluntarily control their breathing, blood flow, muscle tension, brain waves and heart rate. Students find learning to relax this way helpful in overcoming anxiety about test-taking, public speaking, musical or athletic performing, job interviewing, and social relating. An eight-week program, consisting of one hourly session each week, is recommended for learning this skill.

Career Counseling
Choosing a major usually involves setting some long-term career goals. Counselors can help students assess their personality, interests, abilities and career requirements in order to help them chose a vocational direction that will be truly satisfying. Counselors can also help students learn about the realities of the job markets. This is helpful because early planning can provide a student with a competitive edge at graduation. To learn more about career services, please visit their website: Career Development.