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Delta Phi Upsilon

Delta Phi Upsilon American Criminal Justice Association - Lambda Alpha Epsilon


The American Criminal Justice Association- Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA_LAE) is an association devoted to the furtherance of professionalism in all areas of criminal justice. It strives to encourage greater cooperation among the criminal justice agencies and to promote grater understanding between the community and the profession. Under the aegis of membership it fosters more responsive training and education to fulfill the needs of the profession through sponsorship of seminars, technical materials and personal contacts. The association serves as a unified national voice on key issues of the profession.

Membership is composed of persons who are formally committed to the field of criminal justice either through their education or their employment. Chapters are organized as professional, collegiate, or a combination of both depending upon eligible members in the community. Memberships are drawn from the total criminal justice spectrum- law enforcement, prosecution-defense, courts and corrections.

The association publishes both the LAE Journal and a Newsletter to provide information on the association and the professional field of criminal justice.

Regions conduct conferences and competitions in the fall within their own area and members. The association holds a national conference annually in the spring which sponsors seminars, workshops, and competitive activities pertaining to the area for criminal justice. These include written in: juvenile justice, corrections, criminal law, police administration, and LAE History. There are also practical ones in: crime scene investigation, firearms, and physical agility.

Locally the Delta Phi Upsilon chapter, charted in 1980 at Missouri Western State University, holds meetings where ideas are exchanged and information is shared which relates to the field of criminal justice. Fund raising is held to help finance participation in the regional and national conferences. Chapters also sponsor related seminars and assist local law enforcement agencies in information to the public.

Collegiate chapters help to further educate their members of jobs in the career area and to promote higher education standards for the field of criminal justice. It provides a fellowship and social activities as well.

Please consider an application with our organization and to participate in a very professional organization as either a professional or collegiate member. Contact Frederica Nix, Faculty Advisor, Wilson Hall, Room 204G or (816) 271-4434.