It was sunny, about 30C/86F in Kotu last Tuesday. There was a nice breeze if you were under a tree, but not in a classroom with 50 students. The electricity was out, so even the overhead fans were still. We taught right after lunch, but most of these students didn’t have lunch. It is Ramadan and most are fasting. No food or water from sun up to sun down.

On the left you see the conditions have not dampened the spirits of our UTG Law Clinic students, or Acting Director Chris and Assistant Director Peter. They had just finished their first “Street Law” program for a total of 150 bright and engaged students. On the right, you see them pictured with their students that day.

Street Law develops classroom and grassroots programs that organize law school students to educate younger students and communities about the law, democracy, and human rights. The program was started at Georgetown Law School in 1972 and has expanded to other law schools in the U.S. and abroad since then. Street Law is now a NGO. You can visit its website at

They did a great job with the project.