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Council on Social Work Education Accreditation

The Missouri Western State University social work program is in compliance with the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Click here to view the accreditation standards.

“The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is a nonprofit national association representing more than 2,500 individual members, as well as graduate and undergraduate programs of professional social work education. Founded in 1952, this partnership of educational and professional institutions, social welfare agencies and private citizens is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as the sole accrediting agency for social work education in this country.” Source.

Accreditation status for the Missouri Western social work program may be viewed here. Review and reaffirmation for the Missouri Western social work program is conducted every eight years and is next scheduled for 2023.


The profession of social work is a regulated profession at the state level. This means that the title and social work roles are protected. Various levels of licensure, along with scope of practice for each, are codified in the state of Missouri and are available for reference. For additional information, refer to the Missouri Committee for Social Workers here.

The State of Missouri and many other states require a degree from an accredited social work program in order to sit for the social work licensure exam in the state. Obtaining a degree from an accredited social work program and passing the ASWB licensure exam are the first steps toward applying for a social work license in Missouri and other states.

Accreditation and Educational Outcomes

As mentioned, the Council on Social Work Education’s 2008 EPAS document sets forth the standards for judging social work programs in this country. The four main features of an integrated curriculum are 1) mission and goals; 2) explicit curriculum; 3) implicit curriculum; and 4) assessment (CSWE, 2008). The program faculty members have formulated a competency-based curriculum as well as a program assessment plan, based on the ten social work competencies (CSWE, 2008). This plan involves the use of various assessment instruments that are implemented at targeted stages of the program. Per CSWE requirements, program assessment data is collected annually and is displayed on this website. For additional information on the 2008 EPAS document, click here.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (Last Completed 4-26-2019)

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Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work, B.S.W.)

General Studies
Major Requirements
SOC 230Social Problems3
SWK 250Introduction to Social Work4
SWK 320Philosophy and Policy in Social Services I3
SWK 330Human Behavior and the Social Environment I3
SWK 340Human Behavior and the Social Environment II3
SWK 350Social Work Practice I4
SWK 360Social Work Practice II3
SWK 415Social Work Practice III4
SWK 420Philosophy and Policy in Social Services II3
SWK 480Practicum in Social Work10
SWK 485Social Work Practicum Seminar2
Applied Learning Research Requirement
Select one of the Applied Learning Research Requirement Options9
Diversity Requirement
SOC 400Racial and Ethnic Relations3
Select 3 credit hours from the following:3
Multicultural Education
Human Sexuality
Gender and Politics
Psychology of Gender
Religions of East Asia and Oceania
Religions of the West
Religions of South Asia and Africa
World of Islam: People, Cultures & Societies
The Family
Restricted Electives
Select nine credit hours from the following:9
Introduction to Mediation
Introduction to Aging Studies
Mental Health and Social Work
Selected Topics in Social Work
Family and Child Welfare
Substance Use and Disorders
Death And Dying
Bridge to Practicum
Independent Research/Project

Applied Learning Research Requirement

Option 1

Select one of the following:3
Business Statistics I
Quantitative Analysis for Health Care Research
Introductory Psychological Statistics 1
or any other approved statistics course
SOC 460Methods of Social Research 23
SWK 465Advanced Research Project3
or SOC 465 Advanced Research Project
Total Credit Hours9

Option 2

LAW 325Understanding Research in Criminal Justice3
LAW 405Research Methods3
LAW 420Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice3
Total Credit Hours9

NOTE: Students are expected to meet the professional and academic standards of conduct.

Graduation Requirements 

  1. Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours (100 level and above, maximum of 6 CED credit hours applicable).
  2. Earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in upper division courses.  Lower division transfer courses accepted as meeting upper division departmental course requirements cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.
  3. Earn 30 of the last 45 credit hours at MWSU in institutional course work (exclusive of credit by examination).
  4. Participate in required departmental and campus wide assessments. 
  5. Earn a grade of C or higher in all SWK prefix coursework in the major.
  6. Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and a major GPA of at least 2.0.
  7. Fulfill the Missouri Constitution requirement.
  8. Successfully pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement exam. 

Are you ready to declare this major? Download, sign and submit the form to the Criminal Justice, Legal Studies and Social Work Department.

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