Department of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies & Social Work

General Degree Information


Application Process:

Applicants to the Master’s of Applied Science in Forensic Investigations and the Certificate Program shall complete an application for admission to MWSU Graduate School. Additionally, the applicant shall submit a personal statement as well as professional and academic letters of reference.

The letters of reference shall evaluate the applicant’s problem solving abilities, collaborative spirit, interpersonal skills, and contributions that the applicant will make to graduate study. For applicants who are returning to school after more than 5 years, two professional letters of reference are acceptable.

The personal statement shall describe the contributions that the applicant will make to graduate study and how the applicant will use the Forensic Investigations degree or certificate to further their career goals.

Credit Requirements:

Eighteen hours are required for the Certificate Program and 36 hours for the Masters Degree. The student in the Masters Program can receive credit for independent research projects and is encouraged to take this option. One of the goals of the program is to encourage research and publications in the field. A committee will monitor or a qualified faculty member will direct the Independent Research Projects (1 – 6 hours). The project must meet the approval of program faculty.

The Certificate or Masters Degree will be awarded after a student has satisfied the requirements of Missouri Western State University.

Course Format:

One Week Intensive Courses:

The one-week intensive course format allows students to keep their present positions and obtain advanced education or an advanced degree. This would in turn provide opportunities for promotion and a salary increase.

The program will be of interest to the technical staff of crime laboratories, medical examiners’ laboratories, law enforcement and faculty at various educational institutions.

Forensic Invest 2Cost:

Tuition for courses that are run in cooperation with the Southern Institute of Forensic Science are presently $795 for a 3 credit hour course. Other Forensic Investigation Graduate courses are subject to the same tuition and fees as all Missouri Western graduate classes. For more information on regular course fees please go to All tuition and fees are subject to change.

Course Schedules:

Classes are offered in the Fall , Spring and Summer semesters.  Week-long intensive courses are offered in January, March(during Spring Break), and early June.  For the 2016 Graduate Forensics Program Course Schedule, click here.