Department of Chemistry

BS Natural Science Chemistry: Forensic Science

The B.S. Natural Science/Chemistry degree with an option in Forensic Science is a rigorous program designed to prepare students to function as a scientist in the law enforcement workforce. Through this degree program you will receive extensive training in the laboratory including extensive use, method development, and troubleshooting chemical instrumentation. You will also receive training in law, criminal investigation, criminal evidence, and criminalistics. When you are ready to begin your criminalistics training you may be able to choose from a broad based course or more focused courses such as blood spatter analysis, forensic entomology, and arson investigation.

Graduates of our program go on to attend graduate school in chemistry, forensic chemistry, forensic science or enter the regional law enforcement workforce. Currently MWSU graduates can be found the laboratories of the Missouri Highway Patrol, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, and many regional police departments.

If you are planning to pursue a master's degree in forensic science, MWSU offers a MAS Forensic Investigation program through the Department of Criminal Justice.

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