Department of Chemistry

BS Chemistry

The B.S. Chemistry degree is a rigorous program continuously certified by the American Chemical Society since 1977. This program is designed to prepare students to enter the chemical workforce or to attend graduate programs in chemistry and related disciplines. Through this degree program you will receive extensive training in the laboratory including extensive use, method development, and trouble shooting of chemical instrumentation.

Graduates of our program often go on to attend graduate school in chemistry or enter the chemical workforce. Currently MWSU graduates can be found in Ph.D. programs at the University of Iowa, the University of Kansas, the University of Illinois, the University of Wyoming, the University of Georgia, South Carolina State University, and many others.

MWSU graduates can be found in the laboratories of many of the regional chemical employers in the greater Kansas City and St. Joseph area including Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Midwest Research Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency, and many more.

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