Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Undergraduate Mentor Program

The Chemistry Department at Missouri Western State University has employed  over 30 undergraduates per year as student mentors/laboratory assistants since the inception of the program in 1999.  These mentors have served more than 7000 undergraduates in chemistry courses from the freshman level through to the senior level. Students in the program have become an integral part of the presentation of chemistry courses by assisting in the laboratories and providing tutoring. This has fostered and enriched the Chemistry Department community with multiple levels of support for new students, provided both formally and informally through courses and networking.

Students participating in the program receiving training as:

– Laboratory  mentors/ assistants

– In First Aid and CPR

– In fire and chemical safety

In order to participate students must be undergraduate standing, have earned a “C” or better in CHE 111, and the course the student is assigned to mentor. They must also be recommended by a Chemistry Department professor.

The importance of this group has led to the creation of a mentor tutoring center located in Agenstein Hall, Room 335.

Undergraduate Chemistry Mentor Prescreening Form